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The 5th Day of Investing : Umbrella Insurance!

12 Days of Investing

Moving forward into our “5th Day of Investing,” Nick Caracappa (Silverston Management) and Steven Cheung (Epik Capital Partners / VidaBox LLC) discuss why umbrella insurance policies are the final cornerstone for most financial plans, and review what the benefits and ballpark costs of getting such a policy is.

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The 4th Day of Investing : Disability Insurance!

12 Days of Investing

Onto our “4th Day of Investing,” Steven Cheung (Epik Capital Partners / VidaBox LLC) reviews with Nick Caracappa (Silverston Management) why disability insurance is the 3rd cornerstone of your financial plans.  We review the raw facts and probabilities of disability, and why getting such a policy is almost a requirement.

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The 3rd Day of Investing : Life (or Death) Insurance!

12 Days of Investing

Into our “3rd Day of Investing” Steven Cheung (Epik Capital Partners / VidaBox LLC) reviews with Nick Caracappa of Silverston Management how getting life insurance protects your family & loved ones – and why it’s important to have it as a hedge against currently unfulfilled liabilities.  We’ll also go over tips on how to best shop for a policy!

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The 2nd Day of Investing : Emergency Funds!

12 Days of Investing

We’re on our “2nd Day of Investing” with Nick Caracappa & Steven Cheung, where we go over why having an emergency / cash refund fund is our 1st of 4 cornerstones in our financial foundation – plus details on where to park the money to get the highest yields!

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12 Days of Investing [Preview]

12 Days of Investing 1000x1000

After our long hiatus, we’re back with more original content, courtesy of Nick Caracappa of Silverton Management and our very own Steven Cheung!

Get a Sneak Peek of the “Twelve Days of Investing” Podcast series, debuting on Dec. 25, Christmas day – learn how you can take real action steps towards changing your financial life!

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AnnualCreditReport.com : Free US Credit Reports, by FTC mandate

While you may have heard of many advertisements and websites offering “free” credit reports, remember that the ONLY truly free site is the one mandated by the FTC – AnnualCreditReport.com

As some background this site was created back in 2003 by the three major U.S. credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – to fulfill their obligations under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA).  This website allows US based consumers to receive up to (1) free credit reports per 12 month period from each of the (3) agencies, for a total of (3) credit reports per year.

Since the (3) agencies limit you to (1) report per 12 month period, I usually recommend getting (1) report every 4 months, and “rotating” through the 3 agencies, in alphabetical order to eliminate choosing the wrong agency, as follows:

Jan. 1st – Equifax
May 1st – Experian
Sep. 1st – Transunion

There should be absolutely NO NEED for ANY credit card for a truly free credit report.  (If the site you’re visiting needs payment info, then it isn’t free!)  I recommend checking once every 4 months at / around the suggested times. It will help:
– make sure that the credit agencies have accurate info, with time to fix the credit report if inaccuracies are found
– make sure no new credit lines have been opened without your permission, helping catch identify theft sooner rather than later!

Steven W.C.